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Mail order brides and inernational dating.  Welcome to the web site for Fantasy Islands: A Man's Guide to Exotic Women and Inernational Travel

Fantasy Islands:
A Man's Guide to Exotic Women and International Travel

by Wade T. Wilson

This site is dedicated to helping men experience the fun and adventure of seeking a woman or mail order bride anywhere in the world.  Using international dating technology and jet travel, you can date an Icelandic or Brazilian beauty this weekend.  Learn how here.Why Mail O

  • Choose from hundreds of beautiful, exotic women. 
  • Go to nightclubs with ten women for every man. 
  • Meet women worldwide -- from the Philippines to Brazil. 
  • Learn why mail order bride marriages are usually successful.
  • Get the most out of international introduction services. 
  • Make love to passionate women around the world.

What the Experts Say 
About Fantasy Islands

"Fantasy Islands is the book that travels the world for the single male in search of adventure, fun and romance."

-Bruce Cassirer, Author, Travel and the Single Male 

"It's an emotional issue, "Mail Order Brides," one usually discussed with more heat than light...Fantasy Islands is a calm review of why someone might seek love with a spouse from a different culture, and how to go about it in a rational and intelligent manner. This is not likely to change your opinions, be they for or against, but you might well find this to be thoughtful--and informative--reading."

-Editor, Travel Forum 

"Allow me to say how much I enjoyed your book, Fantasy Islands. I have read close to 100 guidebooks, academic studies, and newsletters on sex in Asia, and yours stands out with the minority of good ones. So many books are sensational, exagerated, boring or vague. Yours is useful but not cynical. I particularly liked the way you didn't pretend to have been everywhere, but instead relate second-hand information honestly presented as such." 

-Editor, the Erotic Traveler 

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