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World's Greatest Bars for Picking up Women

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Travelers Tales from Thailand and the Philippines

The Best Countries:

.  Thailand
2.  Brazil
3.  Philippines
4.  Cambodia
5.  Costa Rica
6.  Dominican Republic
7.  Cuba
8.  Malaysia
9.  Russia
10.  Hong Kong


The World's Greatest Bars 
for Picking Up Women

  1. La Bamba, Angeles City, Philippines.
    This little bar is my all-time favorite.  It's not the atmosphere, music or ambience either.  They've got the prettiest girls in the world.  Best time to come is between 6 and 9 PM when you can see both the day and night shift girls together.  They usually manage to pack the little stage with over 20 girls.  Early risers can drop by in the afternoon for the delightful views.  They open at 2 PM and close at 2 AM.
  2. Neptune Disco, Hong Kong, China. 
    Actually, this place is only one of the greatest places on Sunday.  That's because the vast majority of the Filipina domestic helpers have their only day off then, and they mean to have a good time when they get a chance.  If you get to the disco mid-afternoon, you'll find as many as ten women for every guy.  In the evening it goes down to about five to one.  Get there early.  The girls usually have to be back to their employer by 10 PM.  Although the woman aren't really that easy, you won't have to pay for it.  The New Makati and Pussycat are also great on Sunday.
  3. Tilac Bar, Bangkok, Thailand.  
    Hey, any bar with giant lava lamps can't be too bad.  It's Soi Cowboy location is more laid back. I find it more enjoyable than the show-oriented Nana Plaza and Patpong areas.  If you prefer to see the ladies in bikinis rather than in the buff (so you'll have a nice surprise when you get back to your hotel room), this traditional girlie bar is your place.  The prices are better, too.
  4. Help Disco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
    Actually, the real action is at the outdoor cafe in front of the disco.  This is the meeting place for local semi-professionals, who may be out for a night on the town to pick up a few bucks and have a good time.  Just try to make eye contact and motion for her to join you.  In the unlikely event you don't see someone who fancies you outdoors, you can always plunk down the cover charge and go inside the disco.
  5. Firehouse, Manila, :Philippines.  
    When they call it "the hottest place in town," they aren't kidding.  They've even opened one in Cebu City.  The only survivor of the old Emita days before crazy Mayor Lim closed down most the bars, the Firehouse is till going strong in the EDSA complex in Pasay City.  The five other bars, including the Cotton Club, are also excellent.  These bars are much cheaper and more fun than the over-priced incredible hassle you get in Makati's girlie bars.
  6. Sharkey Bar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  
    This great bar has plenty of pool tables, cheap drinks and women, and an outdoor balcony overlooking the bustling street below.  The unique thing about Sharkey's is the girls are both freelancers and employees.  If you take out an employee, though, there is a modest bar fine.  
  7. Martini Pub, Phnom Penh Cambodia.  
    A world renown pick-up joint, you will have to fight them off here.  One side is a disco, the other a bar-restaurant with several food stalls offering tasty and cheap Vietnamese food.  There are more Vietnamese ladies than Cambodian hanging out here, and you may end up with a Vietnamese girl on one arm and a Cambodian on the other.  Somebody's got to make those difficult decisions.
  8. Champagne Bar, Angeles City, Philippines.  
    If, for some odd reason, you don't fall in love at La Bamba, the Champagne Bar across the street is the perfect backup.  If you're really picky, there are about forty other similar bars in the neighborhood to continue your hunt.
  9. Cotton Club, Manila, Philippines. 
    Just look for the cowgirls in the sexy, baby blue costumes greeting you at the door.  Inside you can sit at the bar and flirt with the dancers and hostesses or take your buddies and new girlfriends to one of the VIP rooms on the second floor.  If you run short on condoms, breath mints or antibiotics you can pick some up from the rest room attendant.
  10. Club Rio (also known as Johnny's), Havana, Cuba.  
    A pick-up joint with a live floor show and music.  A bit over-priced (it's owned by the government), but the ladies lined up along the wall are lovely indeed.  Bargain with them.  If you get lucky there won't be an electricity outage while you're there.  (No refunds on the cover charge.)  You'll have to pay for two taxi's to take a lady back to your room, or you'll risk her getting in deep trouble with the federales who'll accuse her of prostitution if they see her with a foreigner.
  11. Playschool, Bangkok, Thailand.  
    The best of the bars in Nana Plaza, Playschool used to parade its dancers stark naked.  If you call her over for a drink, though, she'll switch to her street clothes first.  When you get tired of the smoke and noise the beer bar outside is a nice place to relax.
  12. Key Largo, San Jose, Costa Rica.  
    Around the corner from the venerable Blue Marlin (see No. 15 below), Key Largo is also a meeting place for gringos and the local professionals.  It's more than just a bar, like the Blue Marlin, with several rooms and a stage for a live band.  The girls seem less on the hustle than those in Blue Marlin.
  13. East Asia, Manila, Philippines. 
    A big, glitzy nightclub with a supperclub atmosphere.  Plan to dine here.  The Chinese-Filipino food's pretty good.  There is a minimum charge from which food and drinks are deducted.  Try to get a table near the stage.  The "models" are very attractive.  They appear on the big stage one at a time, first with a nice dress on.  Then the lights go out, the smoke rises, and she reappears nude.  If you want to chat with one, you can tell the waiter to invite her to your table (she comes with a dress).  Or you can see them all together.  Between appearances they sit in a room at the rear of the club watching TV.
  14. Manhattan Disco, Phnom Penh Cambodia.  
    This huge disco is packed every night.  It's popular with locals, so most of the girls won't be available.  The ladies who are, though, will manage to find you.  If you can stand the deafening electronic dance music, the smoke and the elbow-to-elbow crowd, you'll have a great time.
  15. Blue Marlin, San Jose, Costa Rica.  
    This famous bar, located in the lobby of the flamingo-pink Hotel Del Rey, is a drinking hole favored by local expats and tourists alike.  The other half of the bar's customers are local professionals, many from the Dominican Republic.  The bar is open 24 hours and is nearly always busy, even in the wee hours.  There is also a casino if the women aren't enough to drain your pockets.

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